Sueding Machine

Maximum Production Time

Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-MB342E Woven, knitted fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-MB342G/F Woven, knitted fabric


Clever Features

Sueding Machine

The CTMTC-ZGL-MB series sueding machines with three types, they are 6-rollers/8-rollers single side and 8-rollers double sides sueding machines. All adopt automatic tension sensor to achieve the feedback function, use closed-loop control to achieve constant tension sueding, make the surface effect uniform, and easily controls the machine running.

Machine Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm

Working Speed

0~50m/min(inverter adjust)

No. Of Sueding Roller

6/8 pcs

Rotary Speed

500-1500 rpm

Working Style

single front side/ two sides

Air Pressure

6kg 100L/min

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