• Invitation ITMA 2023

    Invitation ITMA 2023

    Dear valued customers and industry partners, We are pleased to announce our participation in ITMA 2023, the world’s leading textile and garment technology exhibition, which will take place in Milan, Italy, from June 8 to June 14. As a leading player in the textile machinery industry, we are...
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  • Looking for CTMTC Regional Partner Worldwide

    Looking for CTMTC Regional Partner Worldwide

    With its CTMTC-HTHI, CTMTC-SHAOYANG, CTMTC-JINGWEI, CTMTC-TAITAN, CTMCT-LMH, CTMTC-ZGL brands, CTMTC as the leadership manufacturer of China Textile Machinery industries , now is sincerely looking for Regional Partner in worldwide. I...
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  • The Process Difference on POY Yarn and FDY Yarn

    The main process difference between POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) and FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) lies in the stretching or drawing stage during their production. Here’s a brief overview of the processes for both types of yarn:  POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) Process: Melting and Extrusion: The p...
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  • Basic Inforamtion of Filament Yarn

    Basic Inforamtion of Filament Yarn

    What is Filament? Filament yarn is a type of yarn that is made up of continuous, long fibers or filaments. Unlike spun yarn, which is made by twisting shorter fibers together, filament yarn is created by extruding long strands of fibers from a spinneret, a device that resembles a shower head with...
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  • Mercerizing


    Mercerization is the processing technology of cellulose fiber textiles treated with concentrated caustic soda solution under the condition of tension. There are two forms :fabric mercerization and yarn mercerization Mechanism: Changes of supramolecular structure and morphological structure of co...
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  • Brief Introduction of Printing Machine

    Brief Introduction of Printing Machine

    Printing by equipment classification mainly has the following aspects: ①  flat screen printing ⑵ circular screen printing ③ roller printing ④ transfer printing 1, flat screen printing Flat screen printing has three kinds of manual table plate and semi-automatic plate, automatic plate. In the flat...
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