CTMTC - Comprehensive Solution for 50-225 T/D Polyester Staple Fiber Line

Meet quality standards in application reliably.

Produce top-class fibers with good properties that makes you wins the market with good quality and low production cost.


Solution to produce fiber to textile spinning, non-woven and filling material
  • Spinning


  • Filling



As your reliable supplier will produce high quality machinery to produce top-level fiber meet market demanding.

The most important data at a glance

Capacity 25t/d-225t/d
Denier Solid fiber: 0.8 denier ~ 15 denier
Hollow fiber: 3 denier ~ 15 denier
Raw Material PET Polymer, Chips, Bottle flakes
Cut Length 32mm, 38mm, 51mm etc. for Solid fiber
52mm, 64mm, 72mm, 102mm etc. for Hollow fiber
Variety Dull, Semi-dull, Bright, DB, Colored, High tenacity (6.5 gpd)
Super high-tenacity (7 gpd), Fibers for nonwoven
Final Application Solid fiber for Ring Spinning, Sewing thread and Non-woven
Hollow fiber for Filling Material

Long Manufacturing History

Over 50 years

Max. Production capacity

Up to 225t/d single PSF production line


Over 300 lines running

Clever Features

Highlights of CTMTC-HTHI PSF Production Line

  • Customize design to satisfy any requirement.
  • The complete line using high quality materials and accessories
  • High production capacity for single line
  • Higher profitability per ton compared to smaller capacity line
  • Use various polymer combinations of PET, PP, PA or bicomponent
  • Wide variety of fiber for different applications

Service and Support

  • Full CTMTC service and support, optionally for entire product life cycle
  • We help you achieve long-term production success and support you in expanding your business with existing equipment, we are at your side support, advice, know-how and service-in person.
  • Professional design and reliable feasibility study report to help you make the decision
  • The solutions are designed for customer-made, maximum efficiency, have numerous optional possibilities with professional design knowledge and excellent manufacturing quality.


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