Advantage of CTMTC-HTHI FDY/POY Filament Equipment

CTMTC-HTHI has began the produce of POY/FDY machine since 30 years ago, CTMTC-HTHI is famous and widly used in domestic market.

1) The first domestic manufacturer use contact roller, and other manufacturers began to use CR in 2015;

2) The first manufacturer use 1680 winder in China;

3) The first manufacturer run width 1800mm winder in the market successfully;

4) The first manufacturer can reach the speed of 4600m/min with 1680mm width winder.

5) The only manufacturer using packback control winder in China;

6) At present, the users of winder with 1800mm width is the largest (11 users), and the position is more than 1000. There are 400 nos winder are manufacturing.


Take- up frame advantage:

Compact -Lifting take up frame:stable structure, compact, reduce space occupation and operation cost, improve production efficiency, which is the direction of the current winding machine development.

1. Shorten threading time — compared with normal frame, threading time can be saved by 50%;

2. Simplify yarn path — reduce yarn broken time during yarn hanging.

3. saves manpower — only one person can run the machine.

1) Spinning beam: same supplied is same manufacturer as first class company;

2) quenching device: manufactured by the same manufacturer as first class company;

3) Metering pump motor: manufactured by the same manufacturer as first class Company;

4) yarn broken sensor: manufactured by the same manufacturer as Barmag Company.  

Post time: Sep-28-2022

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