China Hi-Tech Group has undergone a reform and restructuring of its overseas textile machinery business

To comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness and influence of the textile machinery business, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation recently reorganized its overseas textile machinery business. CHINA TEXMATECH CO., LTD.  (referred to as “CTMTC”) will operate independently as the overseas textile and engineering business platform of Hi-Tech Group, aiming to further focus on its core business, integrate resources, and achieve specialized development.


At the mobilization meeting for the reform and restructuring of CTMTC, Jin Yongchuan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Hi-Tech Group, stated that since its establishment in 1984, CTMTC has been a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery import and export in China, making significant contributions to the introduction of technology, equipment export in the textile industry, and the internationalization layout of Hi-Tech Group’s textile machinery manufacturing.

Facing new international situations and market challenges, CTMTC needs to achieve greater results in the new historical period. In accordance with the overall requirements of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) revitalization plan for textile machinery over the next three years, Hi-Tech Group, after in-depth research and systematic planning, decided to reform and reorganize CTMTC, further integrating it into the overall development of the group and fully unleashing the inherent potential of its international platform. On one hand, CTMTC will be developed into a comprehensive platform for textile machinery import and export within Hi-Tech Group, continuously exploring institutional reform, and consolidating and integrating functions related to international trade such as business, legal affairs, warehousing, transportation, settlement, and financing, to achieve specialized and intensive management of Hi-Tech Group‘s overseas business, empowering the development of group textile enterprises. On the other hand, CTMTC will focus on providing complete sets of equipment and engineering, strengthen capacity building, integrate and expand overseas channels and resources, and transform into a specialized overseas engineering equipment supplier based on strengthening traditional equipment trade.

Post time: Apr-19-2024

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