Advantage of CTMTC-HTHI POY/FDY Filament Winder Equipment

CTMTC-HTHI Filament Winder has into domestic market since Year 2000, so we have long history in winder production:

1) The first domestic manufacturer use contact roller, and other manufacturers began to use CR in 2015;

2) the first manufacturer use 1680 winder in China;

3) The first manufacturer run width 1800mm winder in the market successfully;

4) the first manufacturer can reach the speed of 4600m/min with 1680mm width winder.

5) The only manufacturer using packback control winder in China;

6) At present, the users of winder with 1800mm width is the largest (11 users), and the position is more than 1000. There are 400 nos winder are manufacturing.

And  winder advantage is  obvious :

Winder ZWB612-180 is a birotor type winder, the length of BH is 1800,12 ends, the maximum diameter of each package can reach 435mm(spinning pet-poy, the weight can reach 15kg), this type of winder is currently the world’s most cost-effective winder;  This is also the main product of our company’s POY winder. Our company has more than 2000 winder in domestic and foreign markets, with good stability and high reliability.  In addition, this winder has the following advantages:

Backpack control cabinet: strong anti-interference ability, saving construction and cable costs, relatively saving space.

Continuous contact pressure control: suitable pressure curve is set by computer according to different product.

Multi – section precision winding: good shape of package, high tail rate of package.

Contact roller: effectively protect the quality of bottom yarn, especially suitable more filament and fine denier yarn.

Switching device: servo system is used to control winder switching device, which is stable and reliable.

Pneumatic components: Japan SMC famous brand, high reliability.

Transverse forming plate is made of integral ceramic material and has long life.

More than 90% bearings of winder are used international famous brands.



The advantages of our winder compared with other domestic winder supplier:

1. Backpack control winder, with less connection plugs, is convenient to repair and maintain.  Only require a power supply and air source, your team can repair and maintain the equipment anytime and anywhere, without the need to install a fixed control cabinet in the maintenance workshop;  It saves the time of changing the standby winder;  Reduced wire failure rate due to adapter plug.

2. High strength structure design, is guaranteed winder running smoothly.  The contact roller bearing beam adopts drawn aluminum alloy, which its strength and rigidity are improved compared with the original cast aluminum beam, so that the vibration and noise are improved, and the service life is prolonged.

3. Reliable switching success rate: under normal technological conditions, the switching success rate is not less than 99%.  Greatly reduce the consumption, saving the cost.

4. High quality material of BH : our BH axis is special steel customized to steel mills, while the BH of other domestic equipment is standard steel commonly used in the market. The strength and rigidity of BH are greatly improved.

5. Well-known brands Accessories: Our Company always insists on quality first in the selection of product accessories, such as the pneumatic components use Japanese SMC; Broken wire sensor is DENT, etc.

6. Convenient computer system: the computer system is independently developed by our company. Compared with traditional WINCC, configuration network and other software, it has the advantages of fast response and good expansibility.  The computer can realize the combined control of spinning and winding, and the data refresh speed can reach millisecond level.  The system has far exceeded the domestic similar products, and reached the same international level.