CTMTC Wraps Up EGY STITCH & TEX EXPO With Perfect Conclusion

From January 18 to 21, 2024, the 4-day Egypt International Sewing and Textile Exhibition (EGY STITCH & TEX EXPO) was successfully held at the Cairo International Convention Center. EGY STITCH & TEX EXPO is the most influential comprehensive exhibition of textile and garment machinery in the region. The exhibition integrates the entire value chain of the textile and garment industry, featuring cutting-edge innovations in areas such as textile machinery, garment processing technology, and textile printing equipment.


The exhibition attracted a total of 650 exhibitors from different countries and drew over 35,000 visitors from Egypt and neighboring regions. China Textile Machinery and Technology Import and Export Co., Ltd. (CTMTC) collaborated with Jingwei Textile Machinery and Hengtian Heavy Industry, forming a team of 9 people to participate in the exhibition. The team focused on promoting Jingwei’s complete set of intelligent spinning equipment and Hengtian Heavy Industry’s equipment for synthetic fibers and non-woven fabrics. They also introduced the innovative technologies and concepts related to the intelligent, digital, and automated aspects of their products.


During the exhibition, the exhibitors hosted numerous customers from countries and regions including Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, and Turkey.
With a large population and abundant textile raw materials, Egypt possesses a well-established textile industry. The country has established numerous free trade agreements with major global economies and textile consumer markets, positioning itself as a leader in the development of the textile industry in both the African and Middle Eastern regions. The company is committed to deepening its presence in the Egyptian market by providing professional, localized, and end-to-end services, collaborating with customers in Egypt and the broader African region for mutual development.


Before and after the exhibition, the participating personnel also conducted on-site visits to key local customers in Egypt. They gained insights into the operational status of customers’ equipment, machine output, and process indicators. By assisting customers in resolving difficulties and issues encountered in production and operations, the company earned high praise from its clients. The exhibition participants also extensively gathered information on customers’ new projects, requirements, and plans, laying a solid foundation for providing comprehensive services and promoting equipment in the next phase of collaboration with customers.

Post time: Jan-23-2024

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