Indian Yarn Manufacturer Begin FDY Recycled Polyester Yarns

Indian yarn manufacturer Polygenta specializes in sustainable recycled yarns and has recently started production of FDY recycled polyester yarns at its Nasik factory. The yarn is produced using a combination of perPETual Global Technologies’ patented chemical processing technology and Oerlikon Barmag’s direct spinning system with the 32-end WINGS concept.
The spinning mill is currently developing various FDY products. The yarns produced meet the needs of high-end customers who require high quality and cost-effective sustainable solutions.
Since 2014, Polygenta has been producing 100% recycled POY and DTY from recycled PET using a proprietary chemical recycling process developed by perPETual Global Technologies.
Compared to virgin PET, the perPETual process is said to reduce carbon emissions by more than 66 percent. The yarn is produced using systems and equipment from Oerlikon Barmag. As a result, Polygenta is able to produce a wide range of DTY and FDY yarns that comply with the Global Recycling Standard (GRS).

Post time: Oct-12-2022

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