Monforts introduces new Montex 8500 frame with innovative features

CTMTC  as Leading textile machinery manufacturer in china, with graert stenter machine , which includes several new features and options.
Special features include additional built-in support straps for thick  fabrics; new design of the carrier platform ; improved visualization with the “smartphone” function; new tension chains; an optional exhaust gas treatment device can be added. .
The new tenter is equipped with a newly improved operator entry section platform which features an additional retractable monitor across the machine.  In the knitted version, the shortest path of the fabric from the traction roller to the fixed position is fixed.
With the development of an integrated heat recovery system, delivering up to 35% energy savings and fully automated operation, eliminating maintenance downtime.
Meanwhile, exhaust aftertreatment system can be connected . Higher removal rates can be achieved.
And the integrated conveyor belt support ensures smooth, trail-free fabric movement across the full width of the tenter frame. It is designed to support thick coverage or knitwear and also for specialty coating processes, technologies and nonwovens,
This is ideal for applications such as automotive carpets where different temperatures are required on both sides of the product.

Post time: Sep-08-2022

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