Revitalization of Textile Machinery Three-Year Action

CHINA HI-TECH CROUP CORPORATION. (hereinafter referred to as “CHTC“) as the mother company of CTMTC is a large enterprise group with comprehensive advantages in the entire industrial chain of textile equipment research and development, manufacturing, trade, engineering, and services. It is known as the “national team” of Chinese textile machinery.

From the debut of the narrow-width precision spinning machine independently developed in 1959 at the Leipzig International Exhibition in East Germany, to the milestone of filling the domestic gap with the 3.5-meter-wide water-pressure-sealed water jet loom in 2003, and the integration research of the 45,000 tons/year viscose short fiber system in 2006 winning the National Science and Technology Progress First Prize. In recent years, achievements include the establishment of a 100% domestically produced fully intelligent spinning demonstration factory, the construction of a 3-5 thousand tons/year single-vessel single-line Lyocell fiber production line, and the development of 800 meters/minute high-speed spinning melt composite non-woven fabric complete equipment, breaking foreign monopolies. The development of CHTC is closely tied to the development and revitalization of China’s textile industry.

At the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022, CHTC showcased its strong capabilities and new image by presenting a comprehensive range of complete equipment in four categories: spinning, chemical fiber, dyeing and finishing, and non-woven fabric, demonstrating the formidable strength of the textile machinery “national team.”

Prior to the opening of the exhibition, a journalist from “China Textile” magazine conducted an exclusive interview with Jin Yongchuan, the Party Secretary, Chairman, and General Manager of CHTC.

New Positioning, Forging the “Soul” of State-Owned Enterprises

“The focus of the new round of state-owned enterprise reforms is to enhance core competitiveness and strengthen core functions,” said Jin Yongchuan when discussing the “Revitalization of Textile Machinery Three-Year Action” implemented by CHTC Group this year. “CHTC is firmly anchored in the direction of state-owned enterprise reform, insisting on the new development theme and positioning established from the new direction and requirements of central enterprise reform, which is to ‘build a world-class textile machinery enterprise’ to enhance core competitiveness and ‘ensure the security of the national textile industry’ to strengthen core functions.”

As Jin Yongchuan pointed out, the world is currently entering a new period of turbulence and change, with increasing uncertainties and instabilities. “Black swan” and “grey rhino” events frequently intertwine. State-owned enterprises occupy a crucial position in major industries and key sectors related to national security and the lifeblood of the national economy. They act as stabilizers and ballasts for achieving economic stability, coping with various situational changes, and resisting major risks and challenges. The textile industry, as a traditional pillar industry of China’s national economy and an important industry for people’s livelihoods, with a high level of self-sufficiency in domestic textile equipment, is crucial for the high-quality development of China’s textile industry.

“As the ‘first’ in ‘clothing, food, housing, and transportation,’ today’s textile industry has achieved a significant upgrade from ‘clothing for the world’ to ‘everything can be woven.’ As the means of production and equipment foundation of the textile industry, the future of textile equipment manufacturing industry needs to stand at a new height to maintain the security of the national textile industry, continuously promote independent technological innovation and expand application dimensions, achieving leapfrog development,” Jin Yongchuan stated. “CHTC will steadfastly focus on the core business of textile machinery, deepen reforms continuously, and continually enhance core technological capabilities and manufacturing capacity, contributing its due strength to ensure the security of China’s textile industry.”

Multidimensional Innovation, Consolidating the “Foundation” of Main Business Development

CHTC holds a pivotal position in the field of domestic textile equipment. After generations of continuous effort, CHTC has evolved into a global textile machinery manufacturer with a large business scale, a wide range of products, and strong capabilities in complete equipment. At the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 exhibition, CHTC showcased not only full-process spinning equipment incorporating new-generation combing machines, roving frames, and fine spinning machines but also new standalone products such as high-temperature dyeing machines, setting machines, high-speed winding heads, automated direct twisters, and warp knitting machines. The display included the latest in digital, intelligent, and green products, as well as comprehensive solutions, demonstrating a new design philosophy and comprehensive service capabilities to global customers.

As a central enterprise and the “origin of original technology” in the field of textile machinery manufacturing, Jin Yongchuan stated, “CHTC must adhere to technological innovation as the core, following General Secretary Xi Jinping’s overall requirements for technological innovation, and aligning with our own ‘four orientations,’ namely: in facing the forefront of global technology, aim at the forefront of technological development and application in the global textile industry, and bravely climb the technological peak of textile equipment; in facing the main economic battlefield, emphasize the leading role of textile machinery in equipping the textile industry and consolidate the advantageous position of China’s textile industry in international competition; in facing the major needs of the country, anchor key core technologies in textile machinery with independent controllability, increase the contribution of textile equipment to important areas such as civil security, national defense construction, energy, and environmental protection; in facing the health and well-being of the people, combine the achievements and experiences gained in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to promote the expansion and application of textile machinery-related industries in the fields of medical and health care and quality living.”

To achieve these goals, Jin Yongchuan stated that CHTC will focus on the following innovation efforts:

Actively promote the construction of innovation platforms, strengthening the construction, optimization, and integration of various levels of technology innovation platforms, including the “long-chain” enterprises in the textile machinery industry and nationally recognized enterprise technology centers. This aims to create a comprehensive research system covering basic application research, common technology research, pilot testing, technology development, and engineering, enhancing the technological innovation capabilities of the industry chain.

Vigorously advance core technology breakthroughs, targeting key issues such as the manufacturing of core key components, “bottleneck” technologies, and weaknesses in the development of complete sets of textile machinery. This will drive continuous progress in textile machinery technology and product upgrades, with a focus on achieving independent control of key core technologies.

Continue to improve the mechanism for technological innovation. Establish a long-term mechanism for stable growth in research and development investment and income for research personnel. Promote the open selection and competition of major research project leaders, explore market-oriented incentive measures such as profit sharing and project co-investment, maximize organizational vitality, and further stimulate the enthusiasm for technological innovation.

Wholeheartedly build a team of textile machinery talents, creating innovative teams led by leading talents in the forefront of textile machinery technology. Cultivate a group of high-level composite talents with outstanding innovation capabilities, profound academic achievements, and a strong sense of corporate identity. For national major engineering construction, train a group of outstanding engineers skilled in solving complex engineering problems. Strengthen vocational skills training and practical production, cultivate a group of practical talents and outstanding craftsmen in textile machinery, solidifying the foundation for sustainable development.

Forging the “Four Forces” to Strengthen the “Capability” of Transformation and Upgrading

“As we enter a new development stage, standing at the strategic height of national development and security, and in line with the era’s requirements for the revitalization and development of the textile industry and textile machinery industry, CHTC has implemented a three-year action plan for the revitalization of textile machinery, providing a completely new positioning for its development strategy. All CHTC employees are working together towards the goal of becoming ‘world-class!’ ” Excited about the future development of the company, Jin Yongchuan expressed.

“We have formulated specific implementation plans and plan to complete four major construction tasks in three years, namely, technological innovation projects, product improvement projects, deepening reform projects, and ‘long-chain’ construction projects. This ensures that CHTC‘s textile machinery continuously enhances its ‘Four Forces’market competitiveness, technological innovation capability, industry leadership, and brand influenceachieving a qualitative leap in its international comprehensive competitive advantage and market discourse power. By 2025, we strive to make the overall technical level of textile machinery complete equipment rank among the best globally and the first domestically, further expanding the market share of leading products and increasing profitability,” Jin Yongchuan elaborated.

Currently, under the blueprint of the “Three-Year Action for the Revitalization of Textile Machinery,” CHTC has embarked on a new phase of development. The ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 exhibition marks CHTC‘s splendid appearance in the entire textile industry after initiating the “Three-Year Action for the Revitalization of Textile Machinery.” It also vividly illustrates CHTC‘s resolute commitment to “building a world-class textile machinery enterprise and ensuring the security of the national textile industry.”

Persisting in their efforts, with a promising future, CHTC, as the writer of the answer sheet for the “Three-Year Action for the Revitalization of Textile Machinery,” will undoubtedly contribute new strength to the vigorous development of China’s textile industry.

Post time: Nov-15-2023

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