Textile Machinery Leading Brand-CTMTC

CTMTC’s mother company, CHTC, is the national team of China’s machinery industry. It always takes the safety and stability of the supply chain of textile machinery industry as its goal, and constantly enhances its comprehensive competitiveness and influence in the industry. With global vision and international standards, CHTC promote the resolution of textile machinery technology problems, focus on improving our textile machinery technology level, promote high-quality development of the industry.

Up to now, company under CHTC engaged in the field of textile machinery as follows:

2 National Enterprise Technology Centers, 2 postdoctoral research workstations, 1 academician expert workstation and 17 provincial and ministerial innovation platforms, 3 State Science and Technology Prizes, 115 provincial-level scientific and technological awards, 2,391 patents, including 513 invention patents.

The main products cover many aspects, including spinning equipment, weaving equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, chemical fiber equipment, non-woven equipment and so on;

CTMTC group has been facing the great demand of the country, aiming at the“Choke” technology and short-board technology, strengthening the scientific and technological research, and striving to achieve self-control of key core technology. In 1959, as the representative of our country’s advanced manufacturing technology of textile machinery, the self-designed narrow-width worsted machine made an important appearance in the International Exhibition Hall of Leipzig, East Germany; in 2003, the self-developed 3.5-meter-wide water pressure seal spunlace head has been successfully tested, which marks a new breakthrough in the key technology of spunlace machine and fills a gap in China; the 45,000-ton-a-year viscose staple fiber systems engineering integrated research project won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006, and was the first project in the textile industry to receive this award.