Textile Industry in Turkey

Turkey Textile Market

With the outbreak of pandemic, the global supply chain gradually spread around world from Asia especially China to abroad. Turkey, with advantage of location and logistics, gets a lot of benefit from the transformation of Europe Supply chain.

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Textile Industrial Condition

Turkey is one of the most important manufacturers on cloth and garments, textile industrial is the second largest industry accounting for 5.5% GDP and 17.5% industrial output.

Turkey textile industry is complete and with great output. The spinning capacity is first in Europe, garments output is second in Europe and fifth in the world. And there are the largest textile finishing industry investment in Europe. And turkey also is the biggest home textile producer and second largest carpet producer in Europe.

By 2020, there are 8 million spindles ring spinning, 800 thousand OE spinning in turkey. Besides the spinning system, chemical fiber and nonwoven parts developed a lot in turkey recently. It predicted the total textile market in turkey with 10% grow at a CAGR.


As a producer of high-quality cotton, turkey can guarantee various production with different kinds of textiles, yarn, cloth, fabric, garments, home textile and industrial textile and son on, in which the carpet, home textile and fur and leather products is known as three treasures of the textile, and is the most unique product in turkey textile industry.

According to statistics Bureau of Turkey and the Ministry of Trade, from Jan to Nov 2021, the garment export 16.676 billion dollars, year on year growth 23.02%, from Jan to July 2020, the textile export 6 billion, year on year growth 95%.

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Textile Equipment Condition

Turkey customer prefer Europe equipment due to the final production position is high-end, and the equipment modernization is higher, that’s why the market competition is fierce.

But with the China textile equipment developed, and with better performance and competition, more and more turkey textile company begin to choose China brand.

According to industry statistics, China exported 186 million dollars textile equipment to turkey in 2019, but it increased to 418 million with 125% year to year growth in 2021.

In order to avoid to the direct competition with China and Southeast Asia, Turkey textile exported to Europe and America more, most of orders with small batch, but various types and high quality, so there are higher requirement on the machine performance, automation, labor cost, and various service and so on.



Turkey customer don’t have enough knowledge about china textile manufactures and equipment, especially the size, advanced degree, manufacturing level and so on, even the communication between two countries increased a lot. Turkey Textile Companies still lack of the full and complete view about China machinery.

Based on Turkey textile condition small batch but high-quality, China textile manufactures can find the suitable solution to avoid the competition with Europe market, find our own advantage on customized function, high cost performance, and after sales service.


Post time: Nov-10-2022

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