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CTMTC – Discontinuous Dyeing

Solution To Produce Complete Textile Dyeing Machinery

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Has Mature Technology And Experience On Finishing & Dyeing Machine

As Your Reliable Supplier, CTMTC Will Produce Highest Quality Machinery To Offer You The Best Dyeing Fabric

  • CTMTC High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine



      1. CTMTC Jet Dyeing Machine  has double fabric tubes with both jet flow and over flow function. This machine is mainly used for synthetic knit fabric and has unique advantage for dyeing easy wrinkled fabrics. 

      2.Application: POLYESTER, Polyamide, Spandex, Cotton, Polyester Filament, Spun, Twisting, Micro Fiber, Synthetic Fiber and Fiber Blends

      3. Max Capacity of Single Chamber Tube :500kgs;

      4. Max Capacity of the dyeing Machine:2000kg;

      5. Liquor Ratio:1:5

      6. Number of Tubes/Chambers:1/1, 1/2, 2/2, 2/4, 4/4, 4/8

      7. Smart Control: advance automatic control system, flow meter for water supply control, intelligent rinsing system, proportional heating and cooling system, quantitative dosing system, fabric running speed detecting device;


  • CTMTC- Over Flow Dyeing Machine

    Over Flow Dyeing Machine


      1.CTMTC over flow dyeing machine is more used for dyeing cotton fabric, blended fabrics. The key feature is low liquor ration and even dyeing result. 

      2. Numbers of Tubes:1,2,4,6,8

      3. Max Capacity of per Dye Tube:350kg;

      4. Max Capacity of the Dyeing Machine:2800kg;

      5. Low liquid ratio 1:5

      6. Small size but large capacity, running smoothly with speed up to 550m/min

      7. Nozzle programmable, suitable to fabrics with different GSM.

      8. High-class dyeing quality, effectively solve dyeing faults like crease, wrinkle, color shades etc

      9. T wo or more machines can be coupled controlled

  • CTMTC Multi-Flow High Temperature Dyeing Machine

    Multi-Flow High Temperature Dyeing Machine


      1.CTMTC dyeing machine with direct-connect blower with double channel, and make the air atomization, airflow overflow functions all in one. With new design, can meet the dyeing demand for thick heavy GSM fabric and dense woven fabrics.

      2. Number of Tubes:1,2,4,6,8

      3.Max Capacity of Each Tube:350kg;

      4. Max Capacity of the Dyeing Machine: 2800kg

      5.Smart Control: Highly intelligent control, flow meter for water supply control, automatic filtering system, seam detecting system, proportional heating and cooling system, dynamic drainage and etc.;

      6. Low Energy Consumption, Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving, 3.5kw/tube

  • CTMTC High Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine



      1. Jigger dyeing machine can be used with advanced continuous open width pretreatment ,dyeing machine and finishing machinery of all specifications, which realizes the wrinkly-free running and level dyeing of open width woven fabrics, natural chemical fibers, blend fabrics and stretch fabrics of various functions.

      2. Fabric Diameter:Φ800mm, Φ1200mm, Φ1400mm

      3. Main Fabric Roller:Φ220mm, Φ325mm, Φ350mm

      4. Twitch Roller:Φ100mm, Φ125mm, Φ150mm

      5. Peach- Shaped Roller for Expanding:60mm,80mm

      6.  Process Speed:5m/min-150m/max

      7.  Dye Vat Capacity:150-500,170-800,180-900

      8 . Bath Temperature:140

      9. The technology of strict full scope control on temperature, concentration, time, bath ratio, linear velocity and tension is pioneering in the world.

Highlights of CTMTC-Dyeing Machine


    • High production speed;
    • Enhanced production capacity;
    • Non-stop production;
    • Robust construction of the entire equipment;
    • High end continuous production due to splicing systems;
    • Reduced maintenance downtime for higher efficiency;
    • Energy efficiency for a better carbon footprint;
    • Easy to operate in all functions of the line; Quality control system included;
    • Quick delivery and assembly of the line;
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  • Service and Support

    With years of experience and comprehensive textile competence, CTMTC built up a reliable process solution on both machinery and finishing process. You will get innovative and reliable products on all your demands . What ever you produced, woven fabric , knitted fabric,  cotton fabric, polyester fabric, we can offer give you complete finishing and dyeing solution.

    And CTMTC continuous finishing line with high quality materials and  components for every parts of the machine, all the key with famous brand, With the first level continuous finishing and dyeing machine, you will strength your competition in the market.

  • Service and Support

    Strong Design & Technician Support

    It is clearly sure what you need is not only one single machine, but solutions. For years we continuously committed to provide real solution to enhance your success. High quality machinery and experienced experts is our foundation to win the market. And we can always be there during your whole business period.

    And our range of goods and service is continuously optimized and supplemented. We will improve the entire value-added chain to you with quality produces and services. And all these action will help you begin your business quickly and smoothly.

  • Service and Support

    Outstanding Quality With Higher Efficiency

    Our core competence is mechanical system designed for the machinery. whether knitted, woven, cotton, modal or TENCEL, CTMTC technology will continuously improve our performance and support the sustainability to help you produce high-quality standard finishing fabric. With adoption of CTMTC machine, you will find your fabric after finishing process is  exactly as you expect it to or even better. As after years of experience, CTMTC is backed by a large number of reference installations for each of the individual applications. the components make sure to improve the lustrue, strength, and dye uptake and moisture. You will get out standing fabric on both capacity and appearance.

  • Service and Support

    Cost-efficient on One Time Investment & Manufacturing & Maintenance

    With adoption of CTMTC line, your initial investment on machinery will save a lot, your cash flow will be much healthier, more finance can be invested on other field, like business expanding, research development, labor training and so on.

    To guarantee your competition advantage, CTMTC adopts optimized production processes, efficient systems, sustainable technologies. Automation process and digital system make sure the machine running constantly and smoothly, less labor needed; high efficiency vacuum unit and recycling water, exhaust heat system will bring you more energy saving; regular maintenance by expert technicians minimized unexpected downtimes, one-on –one technician and service manager to offer maintenance support and life long spare parts offering, your cost on maintenance will be very small


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