Introduction of PSF Production Machinery -1

Heated and dried

Main purpose to remove the moisture from the raw material and also increase the softening temperature of raw material.


Screw extruder

For melting and mixing the PET bottle flakes or chips from hopper after being heated and dried.

Diameter series of our screws: Ф120/Ф150/Ф160/Ф170/Ф180/Ф190/Ф200.

With L/D ratio of 24-27 mainly for PET chips, with L/D ratio of more than 27 mainly for bottle flakes.


Spinning beam and related equipment

Our machinery is specially designed distribution piping system to guarantee same dwell time and same pressure for reaching each spinning position. The pin valve fixed before each spinning position to ensure each position in normal operation. High –precision metering pump to provide continuous melt in high pressure and accuracy into spin pack. Driven by synchronous motor and with vertical type or horizontal type. Heat transfer oil system or Biphenyl circulation vapor system to ensure uniform temperature on each position.

Spinneret hole No. : 2592、2808、3024、3795、4984、5300、5700、7000 etc.

Spinneret Dia: Ф260, Ф280, Ф328, Ф358 with ring oiling, Ф410

Quenching area

Monofilament cooled by air flow with certain temperature, angel and speed from quenching area for ensuring good yarn quality. The system provide high-level automation, uniform cooling result and comfortable working environment. With cross quenching, outer circular quenching and inner circular quenching type depending on different production requirement.


Other equipment for spinning line

Oiled and damped for filament to increase the cohesion of yarn and reduce the friction by oiling device in take –up machine with inverter-controlled. Drawing-off unit and sunflower wheels driven by asynchronous motor with low speed set for yarn string-up and easy operation .Gear drive is employed for the feeding machine to ensure top precision, low noise and stable operation. Can traversing unit driven by A.C motor to realize the transporting change of empty can, reciprocating movement of tow can and delivery of laden can.