Process of Recycled PSF Production Line for 3D hollow fiber

In the spinning plant, the bottle flakes are melted in extruders, and spun into tows.

The melt coming out of the homogenizer goes into spin beam in which the specially-designed distribution piping system guarantees the same dwell time for the melt to reach each spinning position.

After passing through distribution pipes, pin valves, and the metering pump, the melt flows into spin packs uniformly.

There are filtering screen and filter sand inside the spin pack, which remove impurities from the melt. The melt becomes small stream after being extruded from the micro-holes of the spinneret.

The melt piping system and the spin beam are heated by HTM vapor from HTM system. The specially-designed vapor distribution system ensures uniform temperature on each spinneret.

In the quenching chamber, the melt stream is cooled and solidified by uniform cool air. After passing a lip finishing system, the tow is carried to the take-up panel via the spinning cell.