CTMTC-SHAOYANG PP/PE Bi-co Spunbond Production Line

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Produce Top-class Nonwovens With Good Properties That Makes You Win The Market With Good Quality and Low Cost.

CTMTC-SHAOYANG PP/PE Bi-co Spunbond Production Line

Solution to produce material to Medical/Hygiene/Industry Build good personal care and safe protection for well-being and happy enjoying life
  • Hygiene


    • Diapers
    • Incontinence Products
    • Feminine Hygiene
  •        Medical


    • Surgical Drapes
    • Medical Packaging
    • Protective Clothing
  • Industry/Technology


    • Occupational Safety/Clothing

Has the mature solution to manufacture spunbonded fabrics

With demanding markets requiring, CTMTC- SHAOYANG consistently produce the same high quality, making you a reliable supplier .
That help many people to feel more comfortable and secure.

The most important data at a glance

Configurations: S,SS
Lines Widths: 1600mm,2400mm,3200mm
Production Speed: Up to 150m/min
Denier Range: Spunbond  ≤2.0 den
Fabric Weight: 10~70g/m2
Resin for PP: PP, MFI 30-40 g/10min
Resin for ME: PE, MFI15-25 g/10 min

Throughput table based on 3.2 SS Bi-co Production Line

Weight(g/m2) Speed(m/min) Throughput(kg/h)
50 104 1000
150 34.7 1000
250 20.8 1000





Main Process Flow




Clever Features

Highlights of CTMTC-SHAOYANG Bi-co Spunbond Production

  • High production speed
  • Enhanced production capacity
  • Non-stop production
  • Robust construction of the entire equipment
  • High end continuous production due to splicing systems
  • Reduced maintenance downtime for higher efficiency
  • Energy efficiency for a better carbon footprint
  • Easy to operate in all functions of the line
  • Quality control system included
  • Quick delivery and assembly of the line

Service and Support

  • With CTMTC machinery, you will get full service and support, and longtime product life cycle.
  • We will at your side, offer professional service and support, including production success, expanding your business with existing equipment.
  • You will get a professional team to support professional design, reliable feasibility report for your decision.
  • The solutions are designed for customer-made, maximum efficiency.


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