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CTMTC-HTHI Parallel Spunlaced Production Line

Solution for wipes, medical, hygiene
  • Hygiene


    • Diapers
    • Incontinence Products
    • Feminine Hygiene
  •        Medical


    • Surgical Drapes
    • Medical Packaging
    • Protective Clothing

With social progress, people requires optimal feeling in personal care

CTMTC-HTHI consistently produce high quality machinery, to manufacture personal care production that help many people to feel more comfortable and secure and making you a reliable supplier.

The Most Important Data At A Glance

Production High Speed Direct Layer Spunlaced Line
Raw materials  polyester, viscose, pure cotton, tencel, bamboo fiber, modal, chitin, etc.
Fabrics 20-120gsm
Lines Widths Up to 3500
Production Speed Up to 300m/min
Capacity Per Day Up to 50TPD
Uptime Efficiency 90%
Space(Max) (L*W*H) 30m* 90m *7m
Extra Features Low maintenance, Low Downtimes



Production History

24 YEARS +

Market Share



          300 lINES+

Main Device


  • The flat carding machine has many combing points, space between combing elements is small, fiber web is even. the carding area forms a confined space, with less flying on the spot, a clean working environment. It is suitable for combing such as raw cotton, bleached cotton, bamboo diber, modal and tencel fiber.
  • Type: 1-licker-in, 3-licker-in
  • Width: 1500, 1800
  • Revolving flat type: aluminum alloy, cogged belt drive Web
  • g/m2:15-30
  • Speed:100m/min

Main Device

Spun-laced Machine

  • Modular design meet varieties of requirement applicable to various process such as tabby, perforation, jacquard, composite etc
  • Direct-axis suction roller with higher through hole ration whole slit-way water flow channel
  • Injection pressure up to 50 MPa
  • Width: 3.5m, 2.5m, 1.8m
  • Max GSM: 200g/㎡
  • Speed: 300m/min
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 400bar Function modular

Main Device


  • Hot air through drum drying, diameter of drum is 1400mm,1900mm
  • many types of heating methods, oil heating saturated steam, natural gas
  • Whole machine has good sealing performance, high-efficiency circulating fan, strong suction force, large air volume and high hot air utilization;
  • Inside wall of the chamber and all the parts in contact with the hot air are made of 304 stainless steel;
  • Modular design to realize fast combination of drum quantity, heating mode and working width.

Main Device


  • Combining surface drive with pressure to achieve optimum hardness of finished roll, tension is adjust precisely on different materials.
  • Integrated cross-cutting and roll exchange system ensure roll exchange automatically without speed reduction. efficiency of the whole line is improved;
  • Equipped with the shaft-back automatically system to reduce labor intensity of workers;
  • Meet sample proofing of small rolls, reduce consumption of raw material for proofing and cost saving.

Clever Features

Highlights of CTMTC-HTHI Spunlace Line

  • Higher production speed , and non stop production will make sure higher efficiency and capacity;
  • Better equipment quality, with robust construction, splicing system, carbon footprint,quality control system;
  • Better service,with quick delivery and assembly, reduced maintenance downtime, easy to operate.

Service and Support

  • As long as you choose CTMTC production, you will get full service and support;
  • There will be professional desigen and reliable feasibility report for you to make final decision;
  • We are at your side support, and will help you achieve long time production success with existing equipment ,and expanding your business with maximum efficiency;
  • All the solution we offered are customer-made, we will offer professional design knowledge and excellent manufacturing quality.


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