CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Raising Machine

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CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Raising Machine

CTMTC can provide different types of textile fabric raising machines to meet your various needs.
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    Increased Quality

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Product Details

Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-MB331C Ponte roam knitted fabrics, woven fabrics
CTMTC-ZGL-MB331MF Woolen fabrics
CTMTC-ZGL-MB335K Woolen, knitted fabrics
CTMTC-ZGL-MB335B Cotton, woolen, chemical fiber, and blended fabrics, also for mercerizing fleece, loop terry, stretch fabrics


Clever Features

CTMTC-ZGL-MB series raising machines have a large raising power, which is mainly applicable to the fabrics requiring large raising, such as non-flannel, super soft velvet, weft-knitted leather base cloth, warp, and weft-knitted suede, short plush, and so on. It is also applicable to the raising of cotton spinning, cotton blending and warps knitted fabrics, wool spinning, wool blending, and chemical fiber fabrics.

The raising element of the machine - cylinder speed, cloth speed, tension, and fuzzing force - has a wide adjustment range and computer-controlled step-less speed regulation. It provides great flexibility for users to process fabrics with different styles and varieties.

Roller Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm, 3200mm

Number Of Raising Rollers

MAX 48 rollers

Working Speed

5~40m/min(inverter adjust)

Diameter Of Raising Roller

60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Speed Of Cylinder



Touch screen

  • Features

    Raising roller adopts alloy material, bearing pedestal of raising roller adopts “dumbbell” type, increasing abrasion performance for spindle nose, reduce abrasion situation for normal spindle nose. The cleaning transmission device adopts a gear type, that guarantees constant transmission for the cleaning brush. Constant wrap angel structure for fabric out, guarantee folding stability.

  • Automatic

    With a high level of electromechanical integration, the man-machine interface, PLC, and frequency converters are adopted to realize the automatic control of the whole machine running. The cylinder speed, cloth speed, fabric tension, and linting force can realize step-less speed regulation in a wide range. With the function of fault alarm and fault diagnosis. It’s designed to have multiple machines continue line and raising and shearing connecting machines. A fabric storage chamber is used between different machines.

  • Quality

    Equip with a centering device, fabric turning, fabric shortage self-stop, and other optional parts, which can be selected to avoid creases or unevenness on the surface of the fabric in the production process. Special treatment is given to the fabric through tension control, and the precise control between various parts in the equipment can avoid the non-uniformity from the center to the cloth edge so that the fabric can obtain the effect of dense plush or short plush.


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