CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Shearing Machine

Meet quality standards in application reliably.

Produce top-class nonwovens with good properties that make you a sought-after supplier of top quality.

CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Shearing Machine

CTMTC can provide different types of textile fabric shearing machines to meet your various needs.
  • Maximum Production Time

    Maximum Production Time

  • Optimum Machine Efficiency

    Optimum Machine Efficiency

  • Energy Saving

    Energy Saving


Product Details

Optimum Machine Efficiency
Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-MB314C Flannel, coral fleece, polar fleece, velvet fabric, leather fabric, short velvet, warmth underwear
CTMTC-ZGL-MB310D/B/MF Warp knitting short velvet, wool spinning fabric, woolen fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-MB312 Warp knitting short velvet, woolen fabric, wool spinning fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-MB322C/S Polyester blanket, acrylic blanket, artificial fur, fleece, woolen, and short warp knitting fabrics


Clever Features

The CTMTC-ZGL-MB series shearing machines reliably and efficiently. With advanced technology, the total energy consumption of this machine is reduced by 25%. With the integrated grinding system online, the fabric finishing quality is consistently at a high level. The unique professional operation system is integrated with the touch screen, which is easily controls the machine running.

Machine Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm

Working speed

0~40m/min(inverter adjust)

Rotary Speed Of Shearing Cylinder


Diameter Of Shearing Cylinder

155mm, 185mm

Grinding Speed


Expanding Roller

76 mm diameter, 215 rpm

  • Features

    With a well-designed mechanical structure, which realizes machine running more stable and reliable. Fewer stops and more production. The shearing cylinder, flat knife, and felt are used well-known brand in Germany ”Heusch”. The frame and flat compress board are made of die steel, it provides more strength and precision.

  • Automatic

    With the convenient setting of the working speed, fabric tension is integrated on the touchscreen via frequency-controlled drives. The high visibility and color touch screen simplify the work of the operator which is very convenient. The whole machine has a high level of automation, and convenient and safe operation. The fabric feeding speed and fabric tension can be adjusted sleeplessly. Other auto functions: seam detector, metal detector, auto oil-filling, auto-centering, dust removal.

  • Quality

    The newest CTMTC-ZGL-MB series shearing machines offer an unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards. Excellent shearing precision and the highest automatic leveling dynamics ensure the greatest shearing effect. The integrated grinding system makes the knife sharp and lasting. This extends knife life and ensures consistently high shearing quality.


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