CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Sueding Machine

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CTMTC-ZGL-MB Series Sueding Machine

CTMTC can provide different types of textile fabric sueding machines to meet your various needs.
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    Maximum Production Time

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    High Production

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Product Details

Maximum Production Time
Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-MB342E Woven, knitted fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-MB342G/F Woven, knitted fabric


Clever Features

The CTMTC-ZGL-MB series sueding machines with three types, they are 6-rollers/8-rollers single side and 8-rollers double sides sueding machines. All adopt automatic tension sensor to achieve the feedback function, use closed-loop control to achieve constant tension sueding, make the surface effect uniform, and easily controls the machine running.

Machine Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm

Working Speed

0~50m/min(inverter adjust)

No. Of Sueding Roller

6/8 pcs

Rotary Speed

500-1500 rpm

Working Style

single front side/ two sides

Air Pressure

6kg 100L/min

  • Features

    CTMTC-ZGL-MB342E sueding machine is suitable for woven and knitted fabric which need cut fiber and with long piles, such as polyester, cotton, fixed fabric, milk fiber, and jean fabric. CTMTC-ZGL-MB342G/F sueding machine is a vertical structure with a freely combined emerying roller and carbon fiber roller. It is widely used, good effect on dust remove, high automatization, stable tension and is easy to operate and maintenance.

  • Automatic

    Automatic control of fabric tension, and coating curvature can be adjusted, and displayed on the touch screen. It can freely change to the emerying roller and carbon fiber roller according to the different process requirements. All sueding roller all test and certificate by a dynamic balancing machine, to ensuring stable running. With a higher automatic design, it can save the operation cost.

  • Quality

    The sueding roller working gently with the fabric, and the roller can penetrate into the fabric texture. The fabric after processed has fine villi, clear texture, soft hand feel, small decrease in fabric strength and good process repeatability. With the PLC, frequency converter are used to achieve the automatic control of the whole machine running, and can guarantee the quality stable.


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