CTMTC-ZGL-SME Series Polishing Machine

Meet quality standards in application reliably.

Produce top-class nonwovens with good properties that make you a sought-after supplier of top quality.

CTMTC-ZGL-SME Series Polishing Machine

CTMTC can provide different types of textile fabric polishing machines to meet your various needs.
  • Excellent Evenness

    Excellent Evenness

  • High Speed

    High Speed

  • High Efficiency

    High Efficiency


Product Details

Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-SME471C Polyester blanket, artificial fur, woolen, and warping
CTMTC-ZGL-SME472X/XQ Artificial fur, blanket, woolen, fleece
CTMTC-ZGL-SME472Y/YQ Artificial fur, blanket, woolen,fleece
CTMTC-ZGL-SME472D/F Flannel blanket,woolen,
CTMTC-ZGL-SME473S/C Polyester blanket, cloud blanket, flannel, and supper fine fabric


Clever Features

Polishing is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in the textile finishing industry. It is widely used in artificial fur, wool, acrylic blankets, etc. CTMTC-ZGL-SME series polishing machine with great quality can reach a more stable feeding and higher efficiency and less energy consumption. After polishing fabric will be more fluffy, soft, smooth, and shining.

Roller Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm

Working Speed

5~36m/min(inverter adjust)


Gas or electric


 60-260 °C, ±2 °C


Touch screen

  • Features

    Machines adopt gas heating sources, compared with the electric heating method, it saves 60% energy cost. Also, the electric one can be provided for your convenience. Polishing roller adopts new structure, it makes heating efficiency increase hugely and the temperature more uniform through using supper thermal conduction material. The burning system exhaust can meet Europe regulations.

  • Automatic

    It adopts touch screen + PLC + temperature controller + inverter control, parameters such as polishing tension, temperature, speed can be displayed and set in touch screen, finally can achieve fully automatically running. With the energy management system, it can easily calculate the production/cost rate for every shift.

  • Quality

    Several expanding devices make inlet fabric flat and with no wrinkle, to enhance the production. Using a “mirror” polishing roller and the speed is up to 1000 rpm which increases the effect of patting the fabric, making the surface more fluffy and shining.


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