Envisioning Future Growth: Our Turkish POY/FDY Export Project and Beyond

Our Export Turkish Filament Project (POY FDY Line)Has Completed Full Production, with Exceptional Customer Feedback

We are proud to announce that our export Turkish filament project (POY FDY Line)has successfully completed and fully achieved formal production. This significant milestone signifies that our products and services have been widely utilized and recognized in overseas markets.


During the project implementation, we worked closely with Turkish customers, overcoming numerous technical and logistical challenges. By continuously optimizing production processes and improving product quality, we met the customers’ stringent requirements and ultimately achieved the successful completion of the project.

The customers have given us high praise for our products and services, stating that they are extremely satisfied with their performance. Our filament products not only meet their expectations in terms of performance and quality, but also possess competitive advantages in terms of pricing and delivery time. The customers expressed that they will continue to work with us and recommend our products and services to other potential customers.


The successful implementation of this project not only enhances our competitiveness in the international market, but also establishes a good reputation for us in Turkey and the surrounding regions. We will continue to uphold the principle of putting customers first, providing good product and service,and establishing long-term and stable relationships with more customers.

In the future, we will continue to increase technological innovation and R&D investment to meet changing market demands. We believe that with excellent product quality and excellent service levels, we will continue to achieve greater success in overseas markets.

Post time: Jan-29-2024

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