Brushing Machine

Maximum Production Time

Model Application
CTMTC-ZGL-SME481E Brushing and untwisting knitted fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-SME484C Brushing and untwisting knitted fabric
CTMTC-ZGL-SME485C Brushing for polar fleece, flannel, coral fleece, velvet fabric,


Clever Features

CTMTC-ZGL-SME Series Brushing Machine

The full-automatic CTMTC-ZGL-SME series brushing machines has set a new standard in terms of high productivity, high utilization and low energy consumption. Advanced automation technology for each brushing position improves efficiency and flexibility, which is also the basis of low energy consumption requirements.

Machine Width

2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm

Working Speed

0~27m/min(inverter adjust)

No. Of Brushing Roller

24 pcs

Diameter Brushing Roller


Diameter Of Driving Roller


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