CTMTC strategy on enlarge global market and bring all-win with world textile market

Most of the textile companies express strong emotion to overseas market and has quicker their steps to open worldwide market in recent years. There are various choices to implement the strategy, including exhibition, market research, layout the industrial chain and so on.
But where should we focus on and how to make sure the textile company have a high efficiency result? This is the point we need to focus on first.
As China textile machinery association data shows China textile machinery has exported to more than 190 countries, and the top five countries cover more than 50% exports, including India, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

During 2021, China has exported 913 million to India, with 79.75% year on year growth, and the nonwoven machinery have the largest increase; Pakistan with 115.94% year on year growth, the dyeing and finishing machine cover the most important part; turkey with 417 million export, the largest increased export goods is nonwoven, besides that, nonwoven machinery with 325% year on year growth, spinning and weaving with 200% year on year growth.
Different countries with different appearance and different growth point, which clearly shows the direction of every country’s future development and China textile machinery’s demand.

CTMTC have more than 30 yeas international trading experience, Mr. Huang Liansheng, chairman of CTMTC, believes china textile machinery faces a good export condition right now. First all the major markets focus on developing their domestic textile industrial, from initial process to deep process, from mass production to quality production, or enlarge the industrial chain. Second china textile enterprises also continue the global distribution layout. All these actions and conditions have bring a lot of advantage to China textile machinery to go out.

However, China textile enterprises have problem too, a lot of Textile Companies are medium or small size, there is lack of Professionals and export experience in their company, which bring a lot of difficult on export and cause low efficiency during working, and they even lose their market voice.” That’s why Mr. Huang hope CTMTC can take more responsibility and be a better”national team”.
CTMTC has focus on the textile field for more than 40 years. After long time development, CTMTC has many apartment focus on different fields, including textile export apartment, raw material and trading apartment, engineering contracted, investment etc. CTMTC has cooperate with a lot of largest textile company in China to go out and has exported machines to over 50 countries, with oven 10 overseas office, export more than 150 million every year.

“We have export platform with year’s experiences, and should offer better service in industrial development. CTMTC with willing and emotion to enlarge our business, and we would like to cooperation with good partners to make sure China textile have better market” Mr.Huang Liansheng said.

Post time: Nov-03-2022

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