Finishing and Processing Line from CTMTC for your fabric solution

CTMTC providing a closed, continuous 360-degree feedback ecosystem between buying and cutting operations, enabling garment manufacturers to accurately select and use fabrics efficiently. efficiency and significantly increase your profits.

We listened carefully to our customers’ concerns about the fabric issues they were experiencing and realized that it would be very beneficial to combine and improve our cutting and fabric purchasing solutions into a comprehensive, single platform. Meaningful one-time solution to key problems. With 70% to 80% of clothing manufacturing costs being fabric, digitizing fabric processes is the most fundamental way that clothing manufacturers can truly transform their bottom line and reduce the impact of fabric waste. on the planet.”
“We are excited to launch a complete fabric solution that will help offset some of the financial losses incurred during the pandemic, as well as help the apparel industry weather upcoming global waste and sustainability compliance reviews. Time”.

CTMTC products will ultimately open access to purchasing and cutting data, provide valuable insights and help make confident decisions, enabling fashion manufacturers to:

- Streamline operations – eliminate excess inventory using fact-based purchasing processes.
- Make fast, data-driven decisions – Use comprehensive feedback loops to accurately and quickly plan and cut more styles – Create accurate fabric predictions to meet growing color and complexity requirements
- Simplified Process – Provides full visibility, eliminates bottlenecks, and integrates redundancy and cutting functions.
- For floor cutting – Manufacturers can take full control of their cutting rooms by streamlining key processes such as cutting and laying plans and fabric distribution.
CTMTC will provide both companies with access to accurate data so manufacturers can make the right decisions about their sourcing and cutting processes at the same time. Unlike other fabric sourcing solutions, combines historical, past, and real-time performance data during fabric use so fabricators always have the most accurate and up-to-date nesting view. The real value of using accurate digitized historical data is that it allows manufacturers to accurately predict their future needs, which greatly helps support effective long-term planning and trend forecasting.
Ultimately, our unique new solution will provide more value to both new and existing customers. Buying too much fabric is a costly mistake. In such a volatile trading environment, if fashion manufacturers want to keep up with growing consumer demand for fashion in a variety of styles and color options, they simply cannot afford to invest in the maximum cost of purchasing the wrong quantity. A smarter manufacturing process using accurate fabric data can greatly free up inventory and workshops by reducing inventory and allowing manufacturers to efficiently adapt to the growing complexity and color of clothing, we hope our new solution will prove to be an extremely attractive proposition for companies of the same type. Reliable tools that can quickly reduce rising costs.

Post time: Sep-15-2022

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