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CTMTC-Covers All Solutions For Textile Finishing Process

Specialized in mercerizing solutions of woven and knitted fabric and technical textiles

Produce top-class wet textile finishing machine with good properties that makes you win the market with good quality and low cost

CTMTC Mercerizing

Solution to produce complete mercerizing range for all processes in textile finishing system
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Has Mature Technology And Experience On Mercerizing Solutions

As your reliable supplier, CTMTC will produce highest quality mercerizing machine highlight luster, dimensional stability and dye yield to cover all textile finishing requirements




Mercerization is a chemical treatment applied to cotton, fiber, hemp and their blends to permanently impart a greater affinity for dyes and various chemical finishes. During mercerization process, the fiber or fabric with a strong caustic alkaline solution will improve the luster, absorbency, strength, and highlight affinity for dyes by physio-chemical treatment. It is done in a concentrated solution of caustic soda (300 g/l), under tension and ambient temperature.

Manufacturing History

Over 35 years


Supplied over 10 countries

The most important data at a glance

Machine Name Mercerize Machine
Original China
Application  Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Modal,ets
Type Woven ,Knitting
Roller Width 1800-3600mm
Machine Speed Range 10-80m/min
Process Speed 60m/min
Drive Frequency Conversion
Control Equipment PLC
Mercerizing Soda Concentration NaOH 240g/l
Mercerizing Temperature Room Temperature
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Your Benefits

First & Complete Mercerizing Solution

With years of experience and comprehensive textile competence, CTMTC built up a reliable process solution on both the machinery and mercerizing process.

You will get innovative and reliable products on all your demands , chainless mercerizing machine, chain mercerizing machine, for knitting fabric and woven fabric,  all types of the washing ranges can be offered.

And to give a mature mercerizing solution and highlight your efficiency as well as the water and energy consumption, CTMTC mercerizing with high quality materials and  components for every parts of the machine. You will find batcher, mixing tank, impregnation part, washing chamber, neutralizing chamber, dryer, and batching ,all be there to guarantee an excellent washing result.

Key parts in mercerizing system with famous brand, automation and digital system can guarantee the production stability and efficiency

With the first level mercerizing machine, you will get perfect result which will easier your finishing process after the mercerizing parts and strength your competition in the market.


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Outstanding & High Fabric Mercerizing Quality & Appearance

Our core competence is mechanical system designed for the production of mercerizing fabric. whether knitted, woven, cotton, modal or TENCEL, CTMTC mercerizing technology will continuously improve our performance and support the sustainability to help you produce high-quality standard finishing fabric.

With adoption of CTMTC mercerizing machine, you will find your fabric after finishing process is  exactly as you expect it to or even better. As after years of experience, CTMTC is backed by a large number of reference installations for each of the individual applications. From the batcher, the mixing tank, impregnation part, to washing chamber, neutralizing chamber, dryer, and batching, all the components make sure to improve the lustrue, strength, and dye uptake and moisture.

You will get out standing washing fabric on both capacity and appearance.

Cost-efficient on One Time Investment &manufacturing & maintenance

With adoption of CTMTC mercerizing line, , your initial investment on machinery will save a lot, your cash flow will be much healthier, more finance can be invested on other field, like business expanding, research development, labor training and so on.

To guarantee your competition advantage, CTMTC adopts optimized production processes, efficient systems, sustainable technologies. Automation process and digital system make sure the machine running constantly and smoothly, less labor needed; high efficiency vacuum unit and recycling water, exhaust heat system will bring you more energy saving; regular maintenance by expert technicians minimized unexpected downtimes, one-on –one technician and service manager to offer maintenance support and life long spare parts offering, not to mention CTMTC machine broken rate is far lower than the equivalent brand competitors, and your cost on maintenance will be very small.


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Strong Design & Technician Support

It is clearly sure what you need is not only one mercerizing machine, but solutions. For years we continuously committed to provide real solution to enhance your success. High quality machinery and experienced experts is our foundation to win the market. And we can always be there during your whole business period.

You will get reliable feasibility study report, high quality machinery, professional design at your first step. And you will get commissioning, stuff training, process know-how during your production. We will be here during all your life cycles.

And our range of goods and service is continuously optimized and supplemented. We will improve the entire value-added chain to you with quality produces and services. And all these action will help you begin your business quickly and smoothly.

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