Introduction of PSF Production Machinery -2


The tow creel is arranged for 4 rows .Including: two rows put into using, other two for preparing.

Tow guide frame and DIP bath

The tows from tow creel guided by tow guide frame and passed through DIP bath .Split tow sheets evenly with certain width and thickness for next drawing process.

Draw process

Realize the full orientation of molecular structure for the tows after going through drawing process.

The first drawing stage carries put between draw stand I and draw stand Ⅱ.

The temperature of draw bath  :around 60℃ to 80℃.

The draft ratio of first drawing stage: 80% to 85%

The second drawing stage carries in steam draw chest between draw stand Ⅱ and draw stand Ⅲ.

Tow sheet heated by spraying steam in steam draw chest and temperature is around 95℃ to 100℃.

The draft ratio of first drawing stage: 15% to 20%

Crimping process

Tow stacker to realize 2 or 3 tow sheets stacked into 1 tow sheet.

Steam pre heating box to pre-heat the tow sheet before crimper.

The tow sheet is crimped through squeezing to assure the good performances

Cutting process

Tows spread to chain board type conveying of relaxing dryer after oiling to realize tows cooled down below glass temperature. Tension stand to guarantee the tows under tension evenness to feed cutter in tangential direction of cutting reel. Cutter to cut the tows into fixing length of staple according to the process requirement.


After cutting, the cut fiber enter into baler chamber in gravity or through conveyor for baling , then the bale is manual baling and labeling ,finally sent to the storage by fork lifter